We at the EC/EP GROUP are at the service of our clients and committed to society, the environment and the health and safety of our workers, we assume an undertaking to:

  • Meet all requirements, both of our clients and those of legally established. Whenever possible in our competitive environment, we shall strive to exceed these requirements.
  • Encourage the professional development of our staff in the fields of quality, the environment and the prevention of workplace risks, always within a framework of continuous improvement.
  • Work closely and advise our client, with the capacity to identify their needs and expectations, conveying the idea that we are, more than providers, fellow-participants in a shared project and acting at all times with professionalism, ethics and transparency.
  • Encourage a favourable relationship with the environment, with a programme for the prevention, control and minimization of environmental impact and possible contamination.
  • Prevent workplace accidents and work-related illness on the part of all workers and third parties connected with the company. To this end, prevention of workplace risk shall at all times take precedence over the company’s output.